Digital Identity Management

In this modern world of digitization, a proper management solution for your digital identities is more than necessary. Not only the “classic” employee Identity & Access Management solutions are required but there is an even bigger demand on the consumer-facing solutions. Legal regulations (e.g.: PSD2, Open Banking & GDPR) are demanding organisations to engage more with their consumers, secure their data in a better way and really get to know them and their preferences.
Modern organisations must enable their identities to share their data with partners or even competitors.

Booleans is specialized in securing and enabling digital identities.

Booleans advises, supervises and unburdens Identity & Access Management (IAM) challenges within organisations. Our service consists of the entire process from requirements analysis to drafting an IAM vision and architecture as well as the full technical implementation of a matching IAM solution. Booleans will train your own personnel to the level of IAM-expert you require to operate your solution.
Booleans works product independent and will always put your requirements first.

Booleans helps guiding your organisation from requirements until aftercare during your Digital Identity Management journey.

Booleans – Quality Identity Solutions

Our Services

Booleans delivers services that are required for a high-quality end-to-end solution that manages, secures and enables the user experience of your digital identities. Please find below the building blocks that we are indicating for a high-end solution.

Identity Management

Managing digital employee, consumer or partner identities in a centralized environment. Having the right governance features in place.

Access Management

True or False, Access or no access, based on identities and their context. Authentication, Authorization, roles, attributes and consent management.


We believe that a more secure way of working for devops/development teams can be accomplished by addressing security throughout the whole software development lifecycle.


Sharing knowledge, guiding our customers to the right level of expertise they require to manage and maintain their solution.



With consultancy we mean, helping and guiding our customers towards a successful solution. Your success is our priority!


Development is an art! Doing it right requires some experience. Booleans will help you do proper development where needed but will always try to work from an out of box and supported solution.



A Booleans solution is a solution that we stand for and rely upon!
We are happy to think with you about 24×7 support. We can even deliver a full managed service in order to completely unburden your business.

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