Our partners

At Booleans, we are very critical on which organisations we partner with. As we have quality as a first and most important principle, only the future-proof and best in class organisations are candidates for a partnership. 


Booleans has a long history with ForgeRock. We know ForgeRock from when they were still part of Sun Microsystems and we have a direct relation with some of the founders and first evangelists of ForgeRock. Together, we have implemented countless reliable identity solutions. At Booleans, we value the partnership with ForgeRock tremendously and we are looking forward to extending and building on it for many years to come.


Booleans has a strong partnership with Auth0 since 2019. The main reason for this partnership is the developer-focussed mindset of Auth0 in combination with their strong partner-focus. At Booleans, we believe Auth0 (in combination with Okta) is there to stay in the world of IAM As A Service. Together with Auth0, we have provided organisations with reliable 24×7 CIAM solutions and we are looking forward to continuing this.


The partnership with Okta started in 2021, but is already growing strong. Okta is a rapidly growing vendor in the Identity as a service market. Not only for Enterprise/Workforce IAM but also for Consumer IAM, Okta is offering great and reliable solutions. Together with Okta as one of our trusted partners, we can unburden your organisation even more when it comes to future-proof IAM solutions. At Booleans, we have some very interesting projects together with Okta in the nearby future and we are looking forward to expanding those.


Quality for us at Booleans means being in control of your solution. For that reason we worked a lot with monitoring solutions in the past. However, the one that was standing out the most was Datadog. Datadog has a set of best in class solutions to monitor your environment in as much depth as you prefer. For that reason, we have established a partnership with Datadog in 2021 and we are ready to implement this at any organisation who is looking for a user friendly and best in class monitoring solution.

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