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Booleans delivers services that are required for a high-quality end-to-end solution that manages, secures and enables the user experience of your digital identities. Please find below the building blocks that we are indicating for a high-end solution.

Identity Management

Managing digital employee, consumer or partner identities in a centralized environment.
Being able to provision these identities, based on workflows and integrations.
Having self-service and consent management in place.
Being able to report for audit, management and marketing purposes using the right governance features.


Access Management

True or False, Access or no access, based on identities and their context. Multi-Factor authentication, authorization, API-Security are the core components of this building block. RBAC (Role Based Access Control), ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) or a hybrid solution are often part of the access management solution as well. A Booleans access management solution is based on supported best-in-class IAM-products and implements open standards like OAuth2, SAML2 and OpenID Connect.


Sharing knowledge, guiding our customers to the right level of expertise they require to manage and maintain their solution. Booleans training can happen in different ways:

First of all, we will always provide training on the job, this is what we always focus on during implementation and consultancy projects. Also, after the official implementation project there must be enough knowledge in the team to maintain/change a running solution.

Besides training on the job, Booleans can provide a custom training tweaked to your requirements. The topics of these trainings are flexible and can vary from development & open standards to tuning & troubleshooting.

Beside custom trainings, Booleans can also provide you with official software trainings. Currently Booleans is officially certified as trainer for ForgeRock solutions. This means that Booleans in collaboration with ForgeRock and Techdata, can provide the ForgeRock university trainings.
Please don’t hesitate to discuss your training requests with us.



With consultancy we mean, helping and guiding our customers towards a successful solution for their challenge. Your success is our priority!

Consultancy with Booleans means a lot of things. Most importantly, we will share knowledge and experience regarding digital identity solutions. This covers the use of implementation approaches, pitfalls and open standards like SAML2, OAuth2 and OpenID Connect. The way we do this can be based on the preferences of our customers. We can cover this for instance during an advisory assignment for a specific topic, a training assignment for a topic or product, an architecture & roadmap session with the belonging workshops or a complete digital identity project.

Consultants in “Team Booleans” are deeply experienced with large organisations within different market segments and have a professional attitude. We are purely focused on helping you achieve your goals and gather your knowledge.


Development is an art! Doing it right requires some experience. Booleans will help you do proper development where needed but will always try to work from an out of box and supported solution. During custom development requirements we will always keep in mind that the core product remains supported.

With development we mean the complete lifecycle: development, testing, acceptance and production. Booleans has a lot of experience with different software languages and automated deployments using orchestration and deployment tooling. We will always try to bring our customers development lifecycle to a higher level.

Doing an agile development project with Booleans means embedding Booleans in your team. We will be part of your development team and will transfer all relevant knowledge to the people involved. This is how we implement training on the job.

Members of team Booleans will always take the extra mile to harden, tune and (resilience-) test your brand-new environment. A Booleans solution is stable, reliable, secure, supported by the vendor and scalable where needed.



A Booleans solution is a solution that we stand for and rely upon! Although we are not offering 24×7 support, we are flexible and happy to agree on alternatives.
Please reach out to us to see what the options would be.

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